Quirky and playful, POP-IT at Home appeals to iPad users of all ages through animation, music, and touch-sensitive interaction.
POP-IT reminds users of their physical environment through a realtime connection to the weather —when it's raining outside, it starts to rain in the iPad!!
"a film by James Dimitri 2011"
When you shake the iPad, different family structures are revealed, allowing you to navigate different realities. POP-IT introduces open-mindedness at the toddler level and encourages us to recognize our biases. While we can't promise our children a world without bias, we can help them understand that there are many types of families.
“Children's Book Uses iPad Interactivity to Teach Open Mindedness”
“A first-rate mind expander, this app rewards repeat visits and depicts several family constellations with irresistible intimacy and good humor — all the while featuring uncommonly inventive art and software design.”
“The fun complements a more serious objective: teaching kids a little lesson about same-sex parenting. Shake the iPad and the mom dad on any given page turn into two moms. Shake again and you get two dads. Shake it again and it turns back into male/female.”
“What an innovative tool this is for children not only to learn about diversity in families, but also to help them in creating a peaceful social reality where their views may some day, I hope, become the common sense of a globe united.”